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Will he be the One if the historical person?

Good morning,hello,good evening.This is yonpe writing.

I found this tweet on my timeline. I'm follwing @writer_noname and he/she retweeted.

And I have an interest about him.Saw his speech on youtube.



What I want to say is, I can see what he want to tell, and also he is right thinking about U.S.A.There's no lie.But I wonder why he really know about the other people facing in poor?Does he know the people trying to escape from suffer?Will he really act as same as now?

Everybody in the wolrd,whole people in the world alive, are looking what you say, do, act,  and if they are a performance or not.

We, incruding me, have no power and also have no right to control him, but at least we can look at him.

I'm very interested in him.Because his mention, his act, his fasion,everything he do, are watched by everybody in the world, and his act have huge impact to the every otherthings.

U.S.A. is a biggest country in the wolrd and the top of the U.S.A's act will have an deep impact.I want to see what will happen to the world.


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